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Hi! I’m
Christann Chanell.

I appreciate you stopping by to visit my neck of the Universe.

Creating a Dot Calm World

Creating a Dot Calm World

There’s always something going on.
In our personal lives and in the world at large.
I’ve grown to learn that creating quiet space for myself to just be is a fine line between giving myself exactly what I need or popping off on an individual. And the latter serves nothing and no one….EVER! I read a tweet yesterday that said, “tonight, I almost lost it and that’s an indication that I am currently out of alignment with my true self.”….and after I read that, I was like, "yes…so accurate.” Not only did that resonate deeply with me, I went into gratitude for the awareness that this individual had. To be aware of self is probably one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish in this life. Why?

External Stimuli. It’s everywhere. All. of. the. Time. Like we have to schedule quiet time. Schedule reflection. Pencil in Peace. But it’s worth it. I’ve found that learning to sit with ME…best results.

Here are some gems I’ve utilized to create calm in my dot com world.

  1. Free Journaling - Set my iPhone timer for 6 minutes…and just write. No edits, just free flowing.

  2. Subscribe to websites, publications and blogs I am mentally attracted to.

  3. Limit my daily screen time. There’s an app for this. There’s iPhone settings as well.

  4. Take myself on solo dates, nature hikes, cafe visits, museum field trips…I roll out.
    Just me, myself and I.

  5. Practice Peace. Clapback less. Like way less. Celebrate the good. Make room for the joy. Get used to the peace. Because um, yeah, getting used to things flowing smoothly can actually be a thing. I used to get nervous when nothing caught on fire…then one day I looked around and realized I had put the matches away. So there, no more subconscious sabotaging. Gotta let life flow.

  6. Feeling around my physical body. Doing a body scan of myself when I go into spaces, meet people, ingest food…our bodies are always speaking. Our physical is our 3D meter reader. If we recognize our divine instrument as such, we can eliminate plenty of bullshit!

  7. Fully Integrating the Mindset that “I am the Creator of my Reality and Whatever I Focus On/Give Attention To/Invest in Expands. PeriodT!!!

  8. Last and Definitely Not Least….Stop Worrying About What Others Think. Just Stop. That Shit is So Played. I’m not judging because I’ve been born again from that so I get it. Wondering what someone else is thinking about the choices you're choosing for your life…while they don’t even have theirs figured out??!?!? Nah Boo….go head…you got this!



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