Hi, I’m Christann Chanell.

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit about me. My name is Christann Chanell & I believe that Energy is Everything. So with that said, welcome! 

I am a native California woman with my family roots in Chicago, IL & New Orleans, LA. Travel, writing, photography, art museums, herbalism, reiki & costumes are favorite aspects of life I immerse myself in.  

Creating the life I love is my greatest joy. I’ve been an asset to costume departments within the film & television industry for over 15 years and I have to say…it’s creative, challenging, rewarding & interesting. I am grateful to align my creativity with others to entertain, teach & inspire the world.

I’m committed to my life balance & I inspire others to be the best version of themselves.  Daily Meditation, exercise, dancing & laughter are some of my musts. You’d be surprised what a good shoulder shimmy will add to a seemingly tense moment. Try It! 

I strongly believe that just like there are countless grains of sand on a beach and innumerable stars in our sky, that’s how many ways we can create our lives. I stand firm in my authenticity and my coolness. Yes, I listen to Jay-Z (he’s one of my virtual mentors) & I practice Yoga. I am courageous in creating deep meaningful relationships as well as a pot of gumbo that will have you believing in the power of love all over again.

My intention for this website is to be a Point of Reference. 
Of Good.
Of Light.
Of Love.

I believe we all desire to create our best lives and this is what I choose everyday. Intentionally. I am a fierce advocate for freedom, joy, love, prosperity & adventure. We all have a voice, a pen, and/or a keyboard…let’s harness our energy & expand life. 

Thank you for listening to my heart & I trust the process.

Continued Creativity.

Your Homegirl,