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Hi! I’m
Christann Chanell.

I appreciate you stopping by to visit my neck of the Universe.

Happy Happy Joy Joy & Loads of Gratitude!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy & Loads of Gratitude!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy & Loads of Gratitude!!

In this moment, I am sitting, smiling, making a goofy face at the fact that I finally REALIZE and GET that this Life is for me and YOU!!!!

When I started out sharing on social media a very long time ago..ok, it was only a decade ago…I was asked, what do you want to share with the world? And I then answered that question with a question, “Christann, what does the world need more of?” and then I went even closer to home…I asked, “Christann, what do you need more of?” and I answered, Joy, Peace of Mind, Love, Happiness, Abundance and Authenticity.

So that’s what I committed to.
To create more Joy
To create more Peace of Mind
To create more Love.
To create more Happiness.
To create more Abundance.
To create more Authenticity.

This Life I am creating is My Own.
This Website is My Own.
It’s reflective of my ideals and desires.
It’s reflective of my moods and musings.
It’s reflective of my choice to be the woman I choose. 

Here’s to Life’s Journey.
Here’s to Choosing Light.
Here’s to Choosing Love.
Here’s to Choosing Life, styled with the real & practical.

Let’s Learn Together.
Let’s Love Together.
Let’s Tend to Our Gardens.

Thank you for choosing to read what I write and share.

I truly appreciate it.
Let me know.
Drop me a line and say “hey girlfriend!”

Meet You in The Center.

Creating Space for Spring

Creating Space for Spring