Meet Christann Chanell, a Los Angeles native, first introduced to fashion through magazines, television, music videos and film.  Since childhood, Christann longed to be affiliated with costume design and styling.

Christann Chanell, designer

During her teenage years Christann often wondered who made the models look so glamorous when she turned the pages of her favorite Vogue and Seventeen magazines and who dressed the actors in the big Hollywood blockbuster movies. Her aspirations soon blossomed and so did her interest in costume design. After high school Christann placed her hearts desire on hold to pursue an education in Business Administration, Finance at California State University, Long Beach. After college she continued to foster her talents of fashion styling on a personal level, but she knew that she had to one day follow her heart…..

Wasting no time, Christann began accepting small positions as an assistant on short films, music videos, commercials and personal productions. Christann’s knowledge and wisdom in the fashion/wardrobe industry began to grow, thus the birth of Christann Chanell Designs! Christann’’s hard work and dedication soon paid off and led her to the position of Costume Designer on numerous films. Christann has worked and is currently working with both of Hollywood’s popular and up-and-coming producers & directors in television and film. She is pursuing a dream that is now reality.